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Fancy Slider is an innovative development and manufacturing company in the field of security systems follow. is a Dutch supplier and manufacturer of GPS Security systems. The company behind was founded in 1995 by a group of experienced programmers and developers. This experience is used in the ClickTrace product. It all started 18 years ago in the agricultural sector, but today we are well-known in many different sectors. supplies consumers, small and large enterprises and the government.

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Our GPS Trackers can TrackSecureGuardAlarmerMonitor

Discount with your insurance company?

You have the possibility of getting a discount with your insurance company. Different insurance companies give discounts when you add security measures to your vehicle, for example with our trackers.

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GPS Tracker online web application

You can log where and when you want to get to your own web applicatie.You have an account with login code where it is possible to simply log on, so you can easily track and trace your objects.

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